Domain Movers keeps track of company related domain name transactions. These early finding’s often relate to new brands, products, services and more. We often see domain name upgrades as well, with companies realizing that domain names should match what you are branding as, because its your identity!

Here is a very small sample of some of the latest detection’s over the past 24 hours:

Flatiron Health, which launched as in 2012 but did a domain name upgrade in early 2013 to and branded simply as Flatiron with its logo, has been acquired by Roche for $1.9 billion. The domain has been registered since 1992.

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A. (BBVA) has launched a new financial startup out of a division for stand-alone fintech startups called Azlo.  The company acquired the best domain name it could and acquired the matching brand name at domain name aftermarket service Sedo from its past owners. I wasn’t able to find a sales price but I’d expect it to be $xx,xxx. Either way, they secured the domain prior to launching and locked down the brand name by securing the best domain in the process.

CareerBuilder, LLC has moved out of GoDaddy and to Amazon’s registrar. The domain is redirecting to I’m not sure of the significance of this currently but it’s certainly worth noting. is at corporate domain name registrar CSC Corporate Domains. Using and it’s comprehensive report, the majority of CareerBuilder’s domains are at GoDaddy and about 300-400 with CSC. Based on the report, this would be the first one moving to Amazon’s registrar. The domain is under whois privacy, so I can see much other than the IP location is Bitly inc.

Walmart Inc. launched (or is launching) 3 new in-house clothing brands according to Bloomberg: Time and Tru (ladies wear) Terra & Sky (plus-size) and Wonder Nation (kids). How did they do domain wise in covering these brands?

  • is for sale with a buy now of $990
  • Not even registered (& is not a valid character in a domain name)
  • is for sale with a buy now of $2,500

So Walmart FAILED big time in covering these important keywords/brand names as domain and right now still has a good chance at fixing it. Target does a great job at securing the in-house brands they have.

Davra Networks has done a domain name upgrade and acquired its exact match .com domain name from its past owners at Sedo for $10,000. Davra currently uses for its IoT offering. Nice purchase! has been sold at Sedo by Rivers Of Honey LTD for $50,000 at Sedo. The buyers are currently unknown as the domain is still in the transfer process. The seller mentioned on a thread that they acquired the domain in May 2015 for $19,000 has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from HugeDomains for $1,695.

PI Inc. has acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind domain name portfolio for an undisclosed amount. Since GoDaddy doesn’t publish sales, I plugged the domain into GoDaddy’s appraisal tool, which provided the estimated value of $3,154. If the domain sold for that little, PI got a heck of a deal! values it at $49,000 and much more in-line with what I would value it. is being used to promote the Knight MuzzleLoaders brand. The company used prior, which now redirects to the generic domain

This is an interesting one, as the company switched from a branded domain to a premium generic. Why? It takes a lot of money, time and effort to establish a brand name. The companies website has “muzzleloaders” on it A LOT (about 20 times on the home page). The generalized, natural term Muzzleloaders is an established product category that is well known and easily remembered. Over 10K times a month, somebody visits Google and types Muzzleloaders. Over 60K times with Muzzleloaders included in the broad search term. People know Muzzleloaders, but not always a specific brand. Since Knight is a widely used term, it would be hard to track search volume but its likely lower for the specific brand and “Knight Rifles” isn’t a great fit to the more popular Muzzleloaders term widely used to describe the Knight Muzzleloaders.

Overtime, the Knight brand will very likely out rank Cabelas, Scheels, Dick’s Sporting Goods and the likes that currently rank well for the Muzzleloaders search term and Knight instantly “owns” the category with the premium generic domain purchase. For branding, it’s often very easy to remember, since its in-tune with the customer already. It also helps capture those searching for what they know they want, just not based on a specific brand.

PDMS a software engineering company in the UK has acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount.

Cisco Technology Inc. has acquired with the help of DigitalDNA. The transaction appears to have taken place around October 2017 when the domain was registered at 1&1 under privacy and then transferred to GoDaddy displaying DigitalDNA. Cisco is using the domain name as a stand-alone for Cisco Intersight, which is a cloud based infrastructure management tool. These are often the type of transactions that go unreported and always hold the potential to be a significant transaction value.

Gatehouse Media, LLC has acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount.

(to note, all the above NameFind mentioned domains, I didn’t find the info directly looking at NameFind stuff, which is interesting if you understand the research I do) has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. Based on the IP location, I’d guess the new owner to be Verizon. has had some changes and switched to DigitalOcean hosting and displays a video of a logo being created. Other whois details have not changed. The logo is Canva that is created in the 3 minute video, although an S is added to Canva in the screenshot of the video (not in the video though). is a design service / tool but based on the look, I wouldn’t say the the two are connected. Maybe the domain is being leased or something of that nature.

Scripps Networks LLC registered adding to the 1,800+ other domain names already owned by the company.

Konoma GmbH has acquired its exact match .com domain name out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount.

Mench Media Inc. has acquired its exact match .com domain name out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. This domain held a $9,999 buy now price. The company is currently using, so this is a domain name upgrade for the company. sold in an expired domain name drop auction at for $71,938

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