Odds And Ends

I see a lot of interesting things in my daily domain diggings and often times it is little things that I see and then think about it and later be like.. come to think of it, I have never seen that before!

Well, here is one! I look at whois records all day, for a lot of domains! It is fairly common to see an “update” date within the past year or two of viewing the majority of whois records. … Read the rest

The following is a true story, based on whois data.


The domain name was registered by Brenda Amendola on 9/20/2007 and she owned the domain until 9/21/2008 when it had reached it’s expire date. FaceGreatness.com was registered with the domain name registrar Register.com . Register.com is a know warehousing domain name registrar.

The domain FaceGreatness.com then switch to Register.com as the “owners” in whois and stayed that way until 5/20/2011 when whois switched to Register Internet LP admin@rangermadeira.com but … Read the rest

Cherish them all really, because they can often be few and far between… and they can even appear to stop! The larger and more quality portfolio you have, the less likely this will happen but as your portfolio shrinks, so will the offers and sales! At least this is exactly what has happened to me!

I held around 500 domains at one point and am now nearing 200 and falling. As a portfolio grows, so does your annual renewal, so … Read the rest