Domain Name Sales

With the big news of the day that has acquired Marchex’s domain name portfolio, I wanted to do some digging into what GoDaddy is “likely” getting for the $34.8 Million dollars.

None of this is “official” because I work for neither company and this is fresh news. The details released are generic, and stated “200,000” domain names. Consider that 1 domain name can be worth millions on its own, simply breaking it down as a “bunch” converts to … Read the rest

Worldwide Media Inc. and owner Michael Berkens has done it again and sold the premium generic domain name to Blucora Inc. according to whois records!

Worldwide Media Inc. are the owners of and the very popular domain name industry publication

Blucora Inc. was until switching names to Blucora Inc. in 2012. Blucora is a publicly traded company.

The domain was under Domain Capital and included the email address on 2/6/2009 and stayed that way for … Read the rest

Here are a couple corporate domain name movers of domains that have been recently acquired or registered that most likely would go unreported otherwise. Not a huge list today but that happens sometimes.

Architeuthis ( has registered the domain name They have owned since 2011 but currently do not own but the domain is listed for sale.

Bayer AG registered several new domain names for its Claritin brand and some of those were,,, Read the rest

Today we have a heavy hitters list of corporate domain name movers, registration and more by companies many of you are aware of! Some big, expensive domain names are in today’s list and most of these sales would go unreported otherwise… so here we go! has been acquired for a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain was acquired from (likely for $1,995) by a Julie Wiseman of IP Acquisition Company, LLC “” with the domain being transferred to … Read the rest