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Domain names are powerful, unique and a really great marketing tool!

Domain names are a piece of the marketing puzzle but can be a very important one. There are many reasons domain names are important in marketing but here are some key points I would like to point out.

Options! Domain names allow for a lot of options. Sending and getting people to visit something is not easy, but domain names have been around now since 1985, so people know … Read the rest

Tens of thousands of domain names expire every single day. That alone is pretty interesting when you consider the $ involved in simply registering a domain name. Lets say, some 85,000 domain names (which is a pretty accurate estimate) are released from the registries each day. $10 per domain on average, for 1 year registration and that is $850,000! Now consider that many of these expired domain names have been registered for years, some even for 20+ years! Also consider … Read the rest

Some things to me simply make sense and “why” a brand does or doesn’t do the make sense thing is not always easy to understand. We are all different is one easy answer. Maybe they simply didn’t think of it, is another potential.

So today I wanted to touch on a new startup and some things that I see that they have missed relating to domain names and confusion created by some things they are doing.

Brand name: Booster Fuels… Read the rest

The live portion of the NamesCon 2016 domain name auction is complete, with about $1.5 Million in domain sales. The second part of the domain auction is the extended auction. Of all the NamesCon domain auction inventory, only 130 could be presented in the live auction, but the total auction contained some 430 domain names.

What You Need to Know

  • 335 Domains are up for auction now
  • The extended auction is on You can see the full inventory and
Read the rest
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