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Domain names are extremely powerful! They are what phone numbers use to be, but highly flexible. Domain names are valuable for many reasons, even “available” ones can be just as powerful when you use them!

Domain names allow you to connect! Share any domain name with somebody and they know what to do with it! That is something that is very hard to do, show somebody something and they instantly know what to do with it! See a domain … Read the rest is the largest domain name registrar in the world and they offer several options for user to sell domain names. The problem IMO, is when a company gets so big like GoDaddy, things get confusing. This has happened to GoDaddy with the many options they have for customers to offer a domain name for sale.

So I wanted to do a “fact finding” with several questions I had relating to domain listings of my own and wanted to share … Read the rest

Lets say you hand register a domain name for $10.99 and you list this asset for sale. With-in 8 months from your initial investment, you receive an offer to purchase with a 18,098.36% return on investment.

No! you say…

You want 43,576.07% ROI?

No Thank You says the buyer!

You end up with 0% in the end on this deal.

I guess it’s a different way to look at it other than dollars and cents. 18,000 percent isn’t good enough … Read the rest

Is an IT person listed as the “owner” of your domain name? Your “web guy”? An employee of your business? If so, you may have a ticking time bomb on your hands and you need to address the issue NOW!

Registrant is an odd term but an important one to know if you own domain names personally or your company does. The registrant is the “owner” of a domain name. Now I’m not a lawyer, but just to be sure … Read the rest

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