Amazon Technologies registered two new domain names according to whois records that caught my attention on January 27, 2016


The first registration matches the sub-domain name used by Amazon for its AAP advertising program they offer. The second domain name registration is a No No IMO!

Amazon is fine, adwords is not.

Adwords is a registered trademark of Google Inc. and since AAP competes against Google Adwords by offering online advertising, I would think that Google would not be happy with this domain name registration.

Amazon Adwords

Are Amazon and Google potentially going to work together and Amazon registered the domain name with permission from Google? That is unknown but not that likely IMO.

I’m not sure why Amazon would register the domain name, but according to whois records, they did. They should well know the rules.

To note, Amazon also registered the domain name and are redirecting the domain to a page about the Alexa speaker and its “Alexa Skills”.

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4 Responses to Amazon Registers Domain With Google Trademark:
  1. They might not need permission for fair use, for example, in the event they’re on-selling/promoting Google’s services. For example Godaddy having Adwords vouchers etc – Amazon may do something similar…

    • Amazon is redirecting the domain name to its advertising page, nothing of which relates to or mentions Google’s Adwords, vouchers or the like.

  2. It could be novel effort at baiting Google with a trojan horse legal strategy. See:

    If Google argues that Amazon can’t use their trademark, that could set precedent, and allow other Brand Owners to re-file their cases against Google.

    Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out…


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