I was browsing the “recently sold” section on Afternic.com and they have been pushing out some nice five figure domain name sales lately! Domains always seem to amaze me, because one person can look at a domain sale and be like… wow, that was a nice sale, or I wouldn’t pay that much for “that” domain!

Here are just the “reported” five figure sales via Afternic for about the past two weeks.

BargainEnergy.com $13,250 (interesting sale and not a “bargain” … Read the rest

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Doing some digging (it's what I do) I was able to uncover some domain names that have sold recently (likely for a fair amount) but went unreported likely due to an NDA. The following domain names have "clear" whois changes but were not reported sold for whatever reason. The sales took place via BuyDomains or Afternic. (if I am able to drum up an educated guess on I price I will post it by the name.)

Cup.net , new owner … Read the rest

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Afternic.com has just published a couple nice five figure sales that have just cleared.

ExtremeFitness.com sold for $25,000 USD

Follow.net sold for $20,000 USD

ExtremeFitness.com was "listed" for $45,000 so there was some going back and forth between buyer and seller. According to whois records, the new owner is a Steven Mandell of Ohio.

Follow.net was owned by Marchex and they appear to have sold it to Original Web Ventures around June/August 2011. Follow.net was listed for $25K, so not far … Read the rest

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I have been involved in the domain industry for over 7 years now and I have yet to figure out a rhyme or reason behind the vast majority of reported domain name sales and the prices paid for the domains. Some random terms to you or I can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Random term to you or I doesn't always mean random to them?

I know when I get offers on domains, I often pull the first … Read the rest

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