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Welcome! This is Domain Movers where we keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you. These transactions are often early indicators of domain name upgrades, new brands, products, services, advertising efforts and more.

As always, I couldn’t do the hours of daily research without the helpful tools from DomainTools.com and DomainIQ.com!

Here is a very small sampling of the latest corporate focused domain movements detected:

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. acquired BossFiles.com from its past … Read the rest

Welcome to a Saturday addition of Domain Movers. We focus on corporate related domain name transactions and report these domain movements to help give an understanding of the large amount of domain activity that is done by companies around the world that would often go unreported otherwise. The following is a very small sample of these daily transactions.

These domain names are often for new brands, marketing, upgrades and much more.

Fashionable.com has potentially sold. The domain name showed Domain … Read the rest

This morning I detected some movement on the premium domain name Clarity.com and that movement may indicate a sale?

Clarity Money

The domain was owned by publicly traded company Synchronoss Technologies Inc.  Whois information hasn’t updated currently away from Synchronoss, other than domain name servers and the domain is now redirecting. The domains status is “ok”, which often means the domain is unlocked and about to transfer registrars.

Synchronoss acquired the domain name and other assets from Clarity OSS Limited around June … Read the rest

Domain name investor Aron Meystedt (owner of the oldest domain name Symbolics.com) has cashed in on his domain name investment and has sold VE.com to VE Interactive Ltd which is based in London according to whois records.


Aron acquired VE.com around August 2015 as reported by DomainInvesting.com for an undisclosed amount.

This is a BIG domain name upgrade for VE Interactive as they were/are using VEinteractive.com prior.

Two letter .com domains are some of the rarest types of domain names … Read the rest