Office Depot, Inc. launched BizBox in November 2017 on the domain name.

Almost exactly 1 month to the day, Office Depot fixes a launch mistake and upgrades its domain name for the newly launched business service platform BizBox and acquires

Office Depot announced BizBox on November 7, 2017 and used the second rate domain name, which it also acquired in August 2017 from its past owner for around $2,000.

Since the service is called BizBox, the … Read the rest

Welcome to Domain Movers. We detect corporate focused domain name transactions and report these early findings to you. These are often related to new advertising campaigns, new brand, products, services and domain name upgrades.

Here is a small sampling of some company domain movers detected:

Livestep UG has acquired at domain name aftermarket service for $3,500

AnleyDirect LLC has acquired also at Sedo for an undisclosed amount.

Bealls, Inc. has acquired with the help of CSC … Read the rest

Welcome, this is Domain Movers! We keep track of corporate focused domain name movements and report these early findings to you. These are often early indicators of new brands, marketing efforts, domain upgrades and more.

Here is a very small sample of some recent movements detected:

Rewired Labs has acquired its EMD, at domain name aftermarket service Sedo for an undisclosed amount.

Lemonland S.A has acquired its EMD, via for an undisclosed amount. has been acquired … Read the rest

Welcome! This is Domain Movers. This series scours domain name data to find domain names that are specifically purchased by companies around the world. A lot of domain names are acquired every day for many reasons but I like to focus on the ones purchased by corporations.

These articles put a pulse on the fact that companies are acquiring domain name assets daily and investing real money into the domain names used for branding, advertising efforts, rebranding, communication and much … Read the rest