has just published a couple nice five figure sales that have just cleared. sold for $25,000 USD sold for $20,000 USD was "listed" for $45,000 so there was some going back and forth between buyer and seller. According to whois records, the new owner is a Steven Mandell of Ohio. was owned by Marchex and they appear to have sold it to Original Web Ventures around June/August 2011. was listed for $25K, so not far … Read the rest

KFC is getting ready to launch a full scale attack on bones! The "viral" machine they are hoping to ride on? I Ate The Bones! + a large scale ad campaign on boneless chicken.

Ads will feature the tag line I Ate The Bones and KFC was wise enough to run with that tag line on the web as well. A special website has been built on the domain name to continue the companies message online. KFC registered the domain … Read the rest

I have been involved in the domain industry for over 7 years now and I have yet to figure out a rhyme or reason behind the vast majority of reported domain name sales and the prices paid for the domains. Some random terms to you or I can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Random term to you or I doesn't always mean random to them?

I know when I get offers on domains, I often pull the first … Read the rest

Procter & Gamble owns a lot of “exact match” domain names but for some reason simply never registered the exact match (IMO) name of one of the companies new products. DuraTowel. DuraTowel® is in the Bounty® paper towel family but simply sits unregistered?

Being “available” to be registered is well worth the $10 to P&G but at the time of this article, they failed to do so!

P&G interestingly enough registered the trademark for “Bounty DuraTowel” in early 1999 … Read the rest