The following is a story of a domain name sale and the anatomy of how an $800 offer turned into a $20,000 sale. I assisted the seller in a couple ways, which will be explained below but there are several lessons to be learned here. Here we go with a Q&A style article and I will also add in some tid bits at the end as well. Enjoy, as this story has been in the works for sometime now and … Read the rest

This is part 1 of a full story I will be posting in the coming days but I thought I would share one important aspect of the story. How to avoid a vital mistake when attempting to purchase a domain name that is already owned by somebody.

Often times when you are interested in a specific domain name, it likely will be owned by somebody already. This is OK as most things in life are for sale, at the right … Read the rest

Here is another method I use to spy on domain names and the entities that own them!

Back in March 2011 I revealed how to spy on company domains and this has changed people! Websites like have exploded in traffic after JB learned this little process from DotWeekly and he uses it daily to write great articles about future products and services by some of the largest gaming and tech companies! (sadly he often beats me to the stories … Read the rest

Warning!!! This will be a very valuable article for many people! Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy!

Here are some tactics that I use to get a good idea if a domain name gets traffic or not and what these visitors are likely looking for!

Sadly, many sites offer old data, incorrect data and so on. So that is one important thing to understand right away. A lot of it is about 30 days old. Secondly, when a domain … Read the rest