I ran into a story about Sophia Amoruso yesterday and found it interesting, so doing what I do, I dug in a little bit to see what I could find. Here are some things that I found relating to the naming of the brand Nasty Girl and also a newly published book by Amoruso, #GirlBoss .

I started on eBay in ’06, I was 22 and living in San Francisco, working in the lobby of an art school, checking student

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I’ve been busting my ass with these articles and this is simply a new record for me! DotWeekly Discoveries started as a series with articles like this about “once a week” and here I am turning out two articles in less than 12 hours! The digging for this article and posting it here took about 5  hours, to give you an idea of the time spent just for this.

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Here is the latest round of DotWeekly Domain Discoveries with domain names being registered or purchased by some large companies. I have been seeing that some days are much more active than others and it normally seems mid-week gets the most action!

Quick Fact: About 100-150 domain names are registered with EAHC of the two largest corporate domain name service CSC Corporate Domains and Mark Monitor. So about 200-300 domains on average are being registered every day for large companies! … Read the rest

MostWantedDomains.com is reporting the sale of MakeItYourOwn.com for $10,000 usd on it’s Facebook page today.

Luxco which is a premium alcohol supplier of popular brands like Everclear, Pearl, Rebel Yell, Arrow and many more.

Luxco announced a “campaign” with the slogan Make It Your Own in a July 2, 2014 news release and displayed the domain in the news release.


It appears the transaction took place in mid June 2014?

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