Yesterday I mentioned that GoDaddy was trying something new and listing some of its NameFind domain name portfolio on public auctions at very fair pricing and I highlighted those domains here. Well, today is a new day and some new inventory has been listed!

Here is the new auction inventory. These are affiliate links, so your clicks are appreciated and do not affect anything to your purchase prices.

View all 21 domains on auction here. Individual domains below link directly to the specific auctions: You can’t go wrong with investing in 2 letter domain names. .com and .org are the two extension I like best for this. Reserve has already been met at only $4,000. I would say $30K is a general end user going rate on this domain name, so plenty of meat left on the bone. Numeric domains continue to be wise investments $2,500 starting price on this one. Similar to the above, this one also starts at $2,500 but bidding has reached $4,000 with the reserve met.

Those were the only 3 that I had seen that were listed. I will try my best to find the new inventory and highlight them on DotWeekly as they are listed.

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