I highlight great domain names that are available for purchase at a price that I think is a good deal and can make a great brand for the available price. Here is today’s highlighted domain:

Domain Name Available: Repaired.com

Purchase Price: US$20,000

Overview: The service industry is HUGE and people/businesses need things repaired on a daily bases. My sink is broken, I need it repaired. My roof has a hole in it, I need it repaired. My screen on my phone is broken, I need it repaired. My computer is broken, I need it repaired.


Cars, boats, electronics, machines and so much more all need to be repaired at some point and people are always looking for a trusted service provider to get the work done. What makes sense to somebody with something broke that needs it repaired? Repaired.com sure does! What do you need repaired?

This is a premium domain name at a great price! A brand waiting to be born!

Buy Repaired.com Now!

I love great domain names and I love them more when the price is fair! Short and to the point .com domain, relating to something nearly everybody needs. This domain name holds great potential as a brand. One word domain names are some of the most popular and Repaired.com is one to consider!

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Jamie Zoch is a domain investor, dad and dedicated husband who founded DotWeekly.com in 2008 to bring unique and helpful views on domain names. Jamie is very passionate about domain names and helping others learn and prosper.

2 Responses to Available Brand: Repaired.com The Fix It Service
  1. The domain is past tense, I think $20K is high on it

    • Trent,
      Repair.com is going to cost a lot more than $20K, so one must consider available options. One may need a repair but what they really want is the broken item Repaired and returned. Is it the best domain for a repair service for the price? It just may be but I understand everybody is different. Sponsored.com sold for $50,400 Hacked.com $50K, Decoded.com $50K, Trusted.com $50K, Fixed.com $40K, Shipped.com $37,500, Boxed.com $35,000, Picked.com $35,000, Affiliated.com $29,500, Printed.com $25,280, Financed.com $25K etc.


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