• Jamie Zoch
    Founder of DotWeekly
  • Domains Are Vital
    When branding your business, product and services, your online presence is vital and so is your domain name! Short and to the point is something I can not express enough!
  • Secure & Private
    Secure & Private
    DotWeekly works in stealth mode on your behalf and all transactions are handled with the third party service Escrow.com

DotWeekly offers professional domain name services to clients in need of help relating to domain name buyer brokerage, domain name research and domain name consulting.

  • We work with startups looking to secure a great, memorable domain name.
  • We work with companies looking to upgrade from a current domain name.
  • We work with companies looking to do research relating to domain names.
  • We are an independent domain name broker.

We love domain names, understand them and are very passionate about helping others with our experience.

Why Choose DotWeekly?

DotWeekly founder Jamie Zoch has been involved in the domain name industry since 2006 and has helped thousands of individuals over the years. He is very passionate about domain names and the help they bring to businesses big and small.

DotWeekly's most popular service is the domain name buyer broker option offered and is used by companies large and small. A company often inquires Jamie's help with purchasing a domain name that is already owned by somebody. This process starts off with the domain name that is needed, a budget, time frame to acquire and Jamie gets to work on the clients behalf.

DotWeekly also offers domain name research and is available for consulting needs relating to domain names.

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