On July 31, 2014 Twitter Inc. registered the domain name TwitterDigits.com with CSC Corporate Domains which I mentioned in this article. On August 5, 2014 Twitter registered the domain name DigitsByTwitter.com . At that time I monitored the domain name Digits.com because I thought it had some “odd” activity on it recently and with the domain registrations by Twitter, they may have been doing something big

The domain Digits.com switched around the earlier Twitter Digits domain registrations to a server directly on the domain ns1.digits.com and ns2.digits.com . It had not been that way in the past and the site was outdated and was a “web counter”. It was odd to see those changes to the server on the domain.

Well, I am confident enough now to say that Twitter has purchased the domain name Digits.com!


As of today, September 10, 2014 the domain name Digits.com has transferred from domain name registrar GoDaddy to CSC Corporate Domains, the domain name registrar used by Twitter!

The past owner of Digits.com, also owned the domain name Digits.net, and that domain has had activity on it similar to the dot com. It has switched servers to ns1.digits.net and ns2.digits.net . So that domain name was also likely purchased by Twitter in a package deal.

The million dollar question? What are Twitter’s plans for Digits.com? Twitter Digits? Digits By Twitter?

Digits isn’t the only recent domain name activity by Twitter, they have been on a domain name registration SPREE lately! Here you go with a detailed look at some things Twitter may be up to:

Twitter has registered several domain names, TwitterSave.com, TwitterSaveForLater.com and TwitterSaveLater.com. Maybe something related to Facebook.com/save ?

They also registered the domain names: TwitterCharity.com, TwitterConversion.com, TwitterDigital.com, TwitterDigitalDownloads.com, TwitterProcessing.com and TwitterTransactions.com

They didn’t stop at this point, they continued with more domain registrations that included TwitterAlpha.com, TwitterAmplify.com, TwitterAPIPartners.com, TwitterArchives.com, TwitterAssets.com, TwitterBackup.com, TwitterElection.com and TwitterElections.com. TwitterEngineering.com, TwitterFashionWeek.com, TwitterInvestor.com, TwitterLifeline.com and TwitterOpenSource.com.

They continued with, TwitterOscars.com, TwitterPlatforms.com, TwitterPostmaster.com, TwitterReporting.com, TwitterSandbox.com, TwitterSyndication.com, TwitterTransparency.com, TwitterTweetDeck.com, TwitterUpload.com and TwitterVerification.com

As you often learn from DotWeekly, it’s early, early in the game due to my early discoveries but I’m sure we will find out at some point in the very near future what Twitter will be doing with Digits.com, the biggest of the domains mentioned today. It is also hard to speculate what Twitter may have paid for the Digits domain(s) because it all depends on what the past owner asked for them.

The other domain name registrations may very well be early indicators of other things Twitter has up its sleeve, but at least you are now aware of some of them!

Whois records do not show “Twitter Inc.” as the “owner”, as generic whois data is used by the registrar currently, but will reveal Twitter at some point when they are ready. There is about a 1% chance the buyer of Digits.com was somebody other than Twitter, because I wasn’t in the room at the time of the transaction.

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  1. Great work, Jamie. Keep it up.

  2. Great find. What a great domain.

  3. TwitterOscars.com … surely that is a trademark infringement?

  4. Thanks for the heads up, dotweekly!




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