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Welcome to Domain Movers, where we focus on corporate domain name transactions and report them to you. Things are slowly picking up after the holidays and today we see a rush on 3 letter .com domains!

Here are the latest domains on the move:

MBC.com has been acquired by MillerCoors LLC for an undisclosed amount. The domain name was owned prior by the law firm Holland & Knight.

WSP.com has been acquired by WSP Global, also for an undisclosed … Read the rest

Welcome to Domain Movers where DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions. These early findings often reflect new brands, products, services and more by many large companies. Consider it breaking news, an insiders view.


T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co.,Ltd. paid $133,000 for the premium 3 letter domain name TCP.com. The seller acquired the domain name in 2011 for $18,500 to go along with TCP.org and TCP.us he already owned and DomainGang.com spoke with the buyer at that time.… Read the rest

I feel like I preach the importance of owning an exact match domain name until I’m blue in the face but the fact is, there are SO many companies that complicate things dearly and do not own EMD’s!

There are a lot of companies who do understand the importance though and I will continue to point them out with facts and numbers! If you missed an earlier mention, Y Combinator, a well established incubator of startups provided a brief hit … Read the rest

Maybe you heard it, maybe you didn’t… but Walgreens is shutting down two generic domain name websites they own and operate:

  • Drugstore.com
  • Beauty.com

They acquired the two, plus VisionDirect.com and SkinStore.com from some $420+ million in 2011 time frame.

When I read the news yesterday about the decision by Walgreens, Toys.com popped in my head. Toys R Us, which paid $5.1 Million  for only the domain name, killed off that generic/website which I wrote about here.

Two large companies, … Read the rest