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According to whois records, FSBO service Fizber has acquired the premium domain name Sold.com from real estate marketplace Ten-X.

Based on whois records, Ten-X, LLC owned the domain name Sold.com as late as December 10, 2017. Today, I detected a change of registrant to The Sold Company and the domain name is now redirecting to Fizber.com.

Sold.com Whois Record

Ten-X was formally Auction.com and rebranded in January 2016 to widen the offering of the real estate company. Ten-X went under new ownership in … Read the rest

I have been in the domain name industry since 2005/2006 time frame and I often hear people compare domain names to physical real estate, with an expression of “Location, Location, Location”.

So is that really true?

This weekend I watched a TV series on Netflix called “High Profits” which was about a company that is in the cannabis industry. They were forward thinking and secured a location in 2009 on Main St. in Breckenridge, Colorado. When recreational marijuana sales became … Read the rest