Most domain name investors are living on hopes and dreams. They want to buy low, sell high, just like everybody else. Every day they put in countless hours of research, considering the risks of specific domains and investing the little money they do have to fulfill this dream of making it big.

I’m that guy too!

I love domains. I get the butterflies in my stomach when I see “a good one” at auction. I get excited trying to win … Read the rest

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Facebook Inc. has officially acquired the domain name from BuyDomains.

The transaction actually dates back to July 26-28, 2015 when the domain name transferred registrars to registrar¬† “HOGAN LOVELLS INTERNATIONAL LLP” . “lovellsnames” is pretty common when it relates to Facebook domain names and is a law firm used by the company.

I wasn’t able to find a reported sales price for the recent domain name purchase.

It appears that BuyDomains gave a run on NameJet around June … Read the rest

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The live portion of the NamesCon 2016 domain name auction is complete, with about $1.5 Million in domain sales. The second part of the domain auction is the extended auction. Of all the NamesCon domain auction inventory, only 130 could be presented in the live auction, but the total auction contained some 430 domain names.

What You Need to Know

  • 335 Domains are up for auction now
  • The extended auction is on You can see the full inventory and
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Read More has always displayed the amount of pre-order bids “Bidders” on PendingDelete domain names, which has been used by domain name investors as an easy tool to find domains they may have missed otherwise, so they can place a backorder on the domain.

Well, the easy part just got a bit harder. NameJet is no longer showing “bidders” below 4 (not an official number). So all pendingdelete domain names that have a minimum of 1-3 backorders will not show … Read the rest

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