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It appears companies are finally heading for the hills and transferring out domain names at mad status out of Moniker.com after the recent security breach. Telepathy is a large portfolio owner and has a focus on 3 letter .com domain names owning many, and they appear to have started on or about September 29, 2014 to transfer out many, if not all domains at Moniker which contained almost all of 3 letter domains (most of the .com’s).

I have checked … Read the rest

Yesterday Acro.net and his other site DomainGang.com posted two important articles related to a breach at Moniker.com . I wanted to write yesterday but I was pretty busy with other stuff, plus behind the scenes I was working with an effected domain owner on the phone and digging information on the potential domain thefts. This is very important, so you need to be aware!! If you have a Moniker.com account, you really need to pay attention and take some actions!… Read the rest

Moniker.com just changed to a new site design and this often leads to having a hard time finding what you are looking for! Well, domain name registrars rarely ever want to see you leave, so they can make the transfer out process hard and Monikers new design does just this.

So how do you transfer a domain name OUT of Moniker.com to another domain registrar?

After logging into your Moniker.com account, on the far left side of the screen, look … Read the rest