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SC Johnson & Son Inc. has acquired the premium generic domain name Raid.com to match its popular bug killing brand moniker.

Although it seems to be common nature that large brands own exact match .com domain names to there brands, it’s not always the case. It is now for the Raid brand.

SC Johnson is really a “poster child” when it comes to domain names, owning and using the best ones for its brands and products.


Raid.com was owned prior … Read the rest

Michael Berkens of Most Wanted Domains / Worldwide Media sold the domain name Stuff.com in March 2015 for an undisclosed amount as reported by DotWeekly at the time of the sale, according to whois records.

Blucora Inc.

Publicly traded company Blucora, Inc. were the buyers and the domain name began forwarding (redirecting) to HowStuffWorks.com. Blucora Inc. was InfoSpace.com until switching names to Blucora Inc. in 2012 and InfoSpace became a subsidiary of Blucora. Blucora had recently acquired How Stuff Works from Discovery … Read the rest

Domain names are vital to businesses, brands, marketing and so much more! One thing that so many companies fail to understand is the extreme power generic domain names hold.

Let me try to lay this out as clear as the blue sky, yet go into detail why!

Brand Name VS Generic

A companies brand name is a term that is taught (via marketing) and not always commonly known to individuals. A generic term is something that is already commonly known … Read the rest

Some HUGE domain names in today’s domain name movers list, so let’s get right into it:

GoDaddy/NameFind sells 3 more, 3 letter .com domain names. Those included HWS.com, LJX.com and NZD.com. All went to a Chinese buyer. GoDaddy has to be running low on inventory for LLL .com’s now. They had over 100 from the Worldwide Media portfolio and sold those. They then secured 45 more when they purchased the Elite Domains portfolio and now those are almost … Read the rest