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Facebook, Inc. has been buying up generic domain names lately that relate to its many offerings and this time it was Workplace.com!

The domain name was owned by Workplace Technologies, LLC prior and has been registered since June 1997.

Facebook has recently acquired: Groups.com, acquired: GameRoom.com, acquired: NewsFeed.com, acquired: React.com and many more! Many more? Yes! Messenger.com, i.org, Oculus.com, Internet.org, F8.com and a total of over 3,000+ domains. 10’s of millions of dollars just on domain names.… Read the rest

Facebook Inc. has acquired the premium generic domain name Groups.com

Hogan Lovells International LLP was used to help acquire the domain name, which is common for the company. The domain has been registered since May 18, 1997 and was owned by a Dharshinee Naidu of New York prior.

The transaction appears to have taken place back in November 2017 but whois has just updated to show Facebook as the owners. Groups.com current redirects to Facebook.com/community

The purchase price is unknown … Read the rest

Facebook Inc. has officially acquired the domain name NewsFeed.com from BuyDomains.

The transaction actually dates back to July 26-28, 2015 when the domain name transferred registrars to registrar¬† “HOGAN LOVELLS INTERNATIONAL LLP” . “lovellsnames” is pretty common when it relates to Facebook domain names and is a law firm used by the company.

I wasn’t able to find a reported sales price for the recent domain name purchase.

It appears that BuyDomains gave NewsFeed.com a run on NameJet around June … Read the rest

Facebook Inc. and Microsoft Corporation have both filed several new trademarks and most are for single word terms. The new trademarks include the following:

Facebook Inc.

  • Riff
  • Strobe
  • Shout

According to whois records, Facebook does not currently own any of the exact matching terms as domain names.

Microsoft Corporation

  • Touchback
  • Inkback
  • Selawik
  • Continuum
  • Forzatech
  • Holostudio
  • Holotour

According to whois records, Microsoft does not currently own any of the exact matching terms as domain names.

All of the above trademarks are … Read the rest