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Today we have a heavy hitters list of corporate domain name movers, registration and more by companies many of you are aware of! Some big, expensive domain names are in today’s list and most of these sales would go unreported otherwise… so here we go!

EmpiresAndAllies.com has been acquired for a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain was acquired from HugeDomains.com (likely for $1,995) by a Julie Wiseman of IP Acquisition Company, LLC “jwiseman@ipacquisition.com” with the domain being transferred to … Read the rest

Corporate domain discoveries from some of the largest companies on the web contains domain name purchases, registrations and movers and can offer insight into what some companies are doing now, in the near future… Often relating to advertising, branding, new products and services and much more. Here we go with the latest digs from DotWeekly!

Fabric.com, Inc.

Has regisered the domain name FabricJackpot.com . Fabric.com was started in 1993 and in 1999 started doing e-commerce. In 2008, the company was … Read the rest