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Welcome! This is Domain Movers. We do a bunch of research every day to discover domain name transactions by companies around the world and report our findings to you. These are often early indicators of new brands, marketing and advertising efforts, domain name upgrades and more.

Getting early information is fun, helpful and educational.

Pilot.com which was owned by Hearst Communications, Inc. has transferred out of CSC Corporate domains to Amazon’s registrar under privacy, while switching name servers to CloudFlare. … Read the rest

Here are the latest domain movers detected by DotWeekly over the past 24 hours, with a focus on corporate domain transaction and general high value domain names.

Apple Inc. did something pretty rare and registered several new domain names. DwellContol.com, AppleDwellControl.com, AppleSwitchControl.com, AppleVoiceover.com and AccessibilityAtApple.com. They also secured iTunesCard.com in some fashion (I didn’t see a UDRP listing for it). There was a pretty popular website on the domain name, offering iTunes Cards but the site no longer resolves, … Read the rest