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Welcome to Domain Movers! We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and bring them to the forefront to help others learn and be aware of the high amount of activity around domain names and the importance of them to many businesses around the world!

These are often very early findings and not always a lot of information is available but we try to provide as much information as we can.

One thing you will notice in today’s article, 4 … Read the rest

Welcome to company domain movers in a series I call DotWeekly Discoveries in which I scour the web and find domain names that were recently registered, purchased and simply moving by large companies. These are often early discoveries that lead into new products, brands, services and simply unknown futures because it’s so early in the discovery. I try to provide information with each domain but sometimes I miss some data due to the large amount of research already to simply … Read the rest

Corporate domain discoveries from some of the largest companies on the web contains domain name purchases, registrations and movers and can offer insight into what some companies are doing now, in the near future… Often relating to advertising, branding, new products and services and much more. Here we go with the latest digs from DotWeekly!

Fabric.com, Inc.

Has regisered the domain name FabricJackpot.com . Fabric.com was started in 1993 and in 1999 started doing e-commerce. In 2008, the company was … Read the rest

Here is another and likely my last round of DotWeekly Domain Discoveries! These articles take a lot of time to write, dig the data etc. and the numbers are not adding up! These types of articles are hit and miss traffic wise for DotWeekly… I know people like reading them (from what people have told me) but they do not appear to me, to be getting the traffic they need to continue.

I like providing the info, but if it … Read the rest