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Welcome to 2017 and Domain Movers! DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports them to put a pulse on corporate related domain transactions. This is just a very small sampling of the activity but these often relate to new brands, products, services, advertising and more.

Still coming out of the holiday season, activity is still lower but that will very soon ramp back up. Today’s list isn’t long but it’s full of great domain names that are … Read the rest

This is Domain Movers, an exciting series where DotWeekly highlights corporate domain name transactions, which often indicate new brands, future marketing efforts and much more.

Here are the latest domain transactions:

Amazon Technologies, Inc. registered several interesting domain names and those included: JustAddMagicSeries.com, AllOrNothingSeries.com, TheLastTycoonSeries.com, ManInTheHighCastleSeries.com, SneakyPeteSeries.com and TheManInTheHighCastleSeries.com. These appear to all relate to TV series on Amazon.

Safilo S.p.A. / Polaroid registered the domain names PolaroidX.com and PolaroidEyewearX.com. They continued with PolaroidPeer.com and PolaroidPop.com.

CooledLiteRead the rest

Welcome to Domain Movers where DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports them to you! These articles are stacked with fresh data that is interesting and unique! Often times, you hear it here first.

Some big names in today’s list:

Fire Financial Services has acquired the premium generic domain name Fire.com! They are using the domain name PayWithFire.com currently, so clearly this is a big time domain name / brand upgrade for them.

Whois records changed … Read the rest

Welcome to another round of Domain Movers where DotWeekly focuses on corporate domain name transactions and reports them to you. This puts a pulse on the corporate domain name activity and hopefully sheds some light on end user activity. The detection’s are often fresh and likely would not be reported on otherwise, due to the amount of research work it takes daily to keep track.

Here are the latest movers over the past 24 hours:

T-Mobile USA, Inc. registered TMobileDigits.comRead the rest