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Flont, Inc. has acquired its exact match .com domain name, Flont.com, upgrading from Flont.club.

The “Jewelry as a Service” offers fine jewelry rental and try and buy via a membership service. Flont, Inc. was founded in October 2016 and launched to the public in May 2017 on the domain name Flont.club.

It appears the .com domain name was acquired using Escrow.com to complete the transaction around September 2017 from its past owner PNP Research Labs Pvt. Ltd. for an … Read the rest

From time to time I run into domain names that I am surprised are not owned by the “big brand” but it does happen. Here are a few that I ran into recently or simply were aware of that inspired this article and I’m sure there are plenty more, so feel free to share them in the comment section below. The fact is, just because we may be aware of a big brand name, doesn’t always mean the own the … Read the rest

Here is another list of detected domain movers by large companies, in a series I call DotWeekly Discoveries which is powered by DomainIQ.com . Nice mix today of sold / registered domains and as always with some digging data that I discovered as well.


A currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client had CSC purchase the domain name ForwardFarming.com from DomainMarket.com . I did find a listing for $1,000 so that may have been around
the selling price.

BreakZone.com also … Read the rest