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Early on March 17, 2017 DotWeekly broke the news that Abbvie Pharmaceuticals domain name Vicodin.com had been seized by the US governments Homeland Security ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).


A total of 838 domain names were seized that day (full list in original story), with Vicodin.com being one of them.

I had a hunch that Vicodin.com was seized by mistake, simply because Abbvie owns the Vicodin trademark and the website is the official site providing information for the … Read the rest


Abbvie Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the medication brand name Vicodin has had its main brand name domain name Vicodin.com seized by Homeland Security’s ICE division!

Visiting the Vicodin.com domain name displays a take down message from Homeland Security’s ICE division:


Abbott Laboratories spun off Abbvie pharmaceuticals in 2013, but has long owned the domain name Vicodin.com since at least 2007 and uses the website to provide information about its product. Whois records show Abbvie owns the domain name:

Vicodin.com whois records

This is … Read the rest