I’m sure there are several different techniques to “spy” on new domain names for companies like using email search via Domain Tools for known email address for companies but this is one that I use and this is how it’s done!

Today, I will use the company Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. as an example.

Tracking type: Domain Name Servers (DNS)

Warner Bros DNS: ns.warnerbros.com or ns2.warnerbros.com (if you already know a domain name that is owned by the company, do a whois lookup and find what DNS they are using)

Free site to use: DailyChanges.com a DomainTools.com site.

Many companies use one domain name server for the sites they host and if they do not, you either need to know what DNS they mainly use or you can not track them this way. Some companies use specific DNS for specific “types” of domain names. Knowing this allows you to “spy” on these types of domain names. (aka, NetworkSolutions.com puts expired domain names on ns1.pendingrenewaldeletion.com)

How to:

Using DailyChanges.com, simply enter the DNS into the search box at the top of the site. You will see a tabbed box with New, Inbound, Outbound, Deleted. Keep in mind that this a DNS tool, so new is pretty much a new creation, inbound is likely a domain that wasn’t newly created but new to the DNS. Outbound can be “changed” DNS from the DNS you are searching and Deleted can mean a change in status like Redemption Period, PendingDelete etc.

Your search will result for the activity that took place “yesterday”. You can change the date by adjusting the URL to see past dates. http://www.dailychanges.com/warnerbros.com/2011-03-25/ but the freshest data is from 1 day from today.

Now that we have that cleared up, what can you spy on with the above mentioned? Today’s search on DailyChanges.com for WarnerBros.com

Doing a search today with ns.warnerbros.com reveals 6 new domains. Based on several of these domains.. it’s clear that WB is planning a “Flash 3D Movie” IMO.

  1. flash3dmovie.com
  2. flashmovie3d.com
  3. memphace.com
  4. theflash3dmovie.com
  5. theflashmovie3d.com
  6. thefosterfile.com

Memphace.com, not really sure and TheFosterFile.com not really sure. They could be planned movies or something else as well and you can dig into it more if you wish.

All other tabs show 0, except for the Deleted tab which holds 23 domains. Clearly Warner Bros simply lets domain names expire. They use MarkMonitor.com as a registrar and I do not think they are tied into any domain auction service.


These could be dead movie projects or simply other domain names they no longer wish to keep. You can keep an eye on the Deleted list from Warner Bros for future PendingDelete domains if you wish to backorder.

For Warner Bros, they use domain name forwarding for the majority of the domain names they own. Well, I should say about half. Example, BloodDiamondMovie.com forwards to blooddiamondmovie.warnerbros.com .

These can be sources to watch for “breaking a story” if you are a blogger / writer. For an example, Warner Bros registered TMZRadio.com. Is TMZ.com branching out and going to launch a radio show?  Maybe your a movie buff and you want to be the first to know… Pacific Rim Movie is likely in the works… GrowingPainsOnDVD.com is likely taking place etc.

Companies that use “one” main DNS make “spying” a lot more easy. They often have private DNS (warnerbros.com) and can easily track using the above method but not all companies are like that. Some go on shared hosting which makes it much harder to track. DomainTools.com offers a reverse whois look-up via email address which is slick as ice, but very pricey to use. Plus if the company puts whois privacy in place, it’s useless.

DomainTools.com also offers a reverse IP look up that will display X amount of domains based on your paid account with DT and displays domains on the specific DNS, which is useful as well and something I use often.

DailyChanges.com is a very useful free service that allows you to spy on domain names and the owners behind them pretty easily based on DNS. Have fun and keep your mind open with tools like these as they can be used in many ways.

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