DotWeekly offers several domain name services to individuals and businesses:


Domain name related research can very for reason, but often relates to finding out who owns a domain name. Jamie Zoch, founder of DotWeekly is known as a domain name detective and has vast experience in “digging” up information relating to domain names. If you need some help relating to domain name research, please contact Jamie today with your needs. Fees very, but are hourly based.

Domain Buyer Broker

A true passion of Jamie’s is helping others and domain name buyer brokerage is a way that Jamie loves helping other companies and individuals. Jamie has been involved in the domain name industry since 2006 and has vast knowledge of the domain name industry. Put Jamie’s passion to work for you to assist in acquiring a domain name that is already owned by somebody else. Click here to learn more about DotWeekly’s domain name buyer brokerage services.

Domain Name Consulting

Looking for advise on a domain name? Not sure if the asking price of a current domain name is high or low? Is this domain name my best option? Have questions relating to domain names but your not exactly sure who to speak with? I can help!

Domain Name Brokerage

Jamie offers a very limited amount of domain name brokerage to clients of premium domain names. If you own a really great domain name and are interested in selling it, lets talk. Contact me today.