The premium generic domain name has been acquired by Haka Investments according to whois records.

The domain name transferred from Uniregistry to GoDaddy showing Haka Investments of Hong Kong as the buyers: Whois Haka Investments

I tried to do some research as to who or what Haka Investments is or does but I couldn’t find much information on them. Using the domain name, I was able to see a gmail address which tied that to shows a France address for Registrant and Great Britain address for the Admin.

The domain name has been registered since 1995 and was for sale using the Uniregistry system. I wasn’t able to find an offering price but I’d highly expect this to be a six figure transaction.

Since this just took place this morning, I will keep an eye on the domain and see what it resolves to for a website which may yield more answers in the near future.

Update: The domain was purchased by Ning Li, who is a co-founder of and The domain name will be used for a skin care brand out of a new company called GoodBrands.

The following is from Ning’s LinkedIn page:

Ning Li from GoodBrands

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