Paypal and Elon Musk have some history under the domain name and later merged to become Paypal. The domain name has now potentially been sold by its owner, Paypal.

DotWeekly detected some movement on the domain name on June 17, 2017, but today (July 6, 2017) the domain name has transferred out of brand protection registrar MarkMonitor and has transferred to under whois privacy protection. Whois Record

The last reported single letter domain name sale was, which sold for nearly $6.8 million as reported by

If did sell, which I’m highly leaning towards, it is very likely to be a high seven figure transaction or even potentially an 8 figure deal. Paypal is a publicly traded company, so there is potential the price could be dug up in a SEC filing if it did sell.

I will keep an eye on it.

Update, Paypal has confirmed that the domain name was sold, to Elon Musk for an undisclosed amount, as confirmed by here.

DotWeekly breaks a lot of news and we started this whole thing again with the detection of the movement 🙂 Elliot got the credit (from all the bigger sites reporting) for his further confirming the sale with Paypal, as he should.

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  1. Only 7 figures for this domain would be *xtremely low.


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