Welcome to Domain Movers, where we monitor domain name transactions by corporations and report the movements we see to you! This is always an exciting series that often provides a “first look” at what companies are doing domain wise. This leads to new brands, future marketing campaigns, products, services and more.

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Hilton registered several domain names relating to Tapestry and those included TapestryByHilton.com, HiltonTapestry.com, HiltonTapestryCollection.com, TapestryCollectionByHilton.com and TheTapestryCollectionByHilton.com. They do not appear to own Tapestry.com.… Read the rest

Domain name investor Aron Meystedt (owner of the oldest domain name Symbolics.com) has cashed in on his domain name investment and has sold VE.com to VE Interactive Ltd which is based in London according to whois records.


Aron acquired VE.com around August 2015 as reported by DomainInvesting.com for an undisclosed amount.

This is a BIG domain name upgrade for VE Interactive as they were/are using VEinteractive.com prior.

Two letter .com domains are some of the rarest types of domain names … Read the rest

Gogobot rebrands as Trip.com, a domain name they acquired from Expedia.


CEO Travis Kratz stated in a Skift.com article about the rebrand: “The name Trip.com, which is easy to remember, can conjure images of a vacation abroad as well as a jaunt to the restaurant across town, Katz says, and the blending of trips and activities is something that several companies, including Trip.com, Google, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb have realized could be a winning formula.”

The article continued with “One thing … Read the rest

We have all been told never to share our account login details, including your account number, login user name, password etc. but one publicly traded company (with-holding the company name for clear reasons) posted its two domain name assets, along with ALL of the account details to access them in a recent SEC filing report.

Registrar, Account #, Login user ID and Password

Think I’m kidding? (I blocked out the vital info)

SEC Filing Account Login

Thankfully I’m a nice guy and I alerted … Read the rest