BK, aka “Burger” King has announced they will be offering Grilled Dogs, a first in its 62 year history! It’s not often a huge “burger” chain is reaching at people’s hearts and offers a beloved item that so many love, GrilledDogs.com!

Burger King announced on February 10, 2015 about the new menu item. That same day, the Burger King Corporation also hand registered the matching domain name GrilledDogs.com to go along with its offering.

GrilledDogs.com Burger King

Clearly, just seeing the domain name … Read the rest

I’m not even sure where to go with this, because I’m confused but here we go.

I had seen the Persil ad during the Super Bowl as I’m sure most did that watched the game. I do not recall seeing the brand before, nor was I aware of it in general. So, today I wanted to look into it. I mean, they did spend about $4.5 Million for the ad.

Since Persil was all that I really remembered about the … Read the rest

Domain names are vital in the fight for the first page on search engines! Search isn’t everything, but consider that 89% of customers begin the buying process at a search engine, it can not be ignored!  Domain names are key to branding AND cost savings to those expensive PPC ad campaigns and greatly help with organic rankings!

How is your website(s) ranking for important keywords to your products or services? If you don’t know, you are missing out!

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In 2009 toy retailer giant Toys R Us successfully acquired the generic domain name Toys.com in an auction, and set up a website on the generic domain name shortly after to expand its reach and help control the important top spots in search engines for the highly searched term.

They did well with the domain/website and gained more organic SERP’s because of owning and using the domain name Toys.com to attract potential customers who naturally search for the term toysRead the rest

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