I registered the domain name CaitlynJenner.com this morning at 8:23 am Central Time and this is how and why I did.

I had discovered some information this morning (I’m a domain detective) that lead me to believe that Caitlyn Jenner was going to mean something in the very near future that wasn’t currently. During my research, I had some pretty strong proof that “Cait” or “Caitlyn” may be the new name of the former Bruce Jenner.

I have literally helped … Read the rest

Welcome to GoMarch, a series where I highlight 5 generic domains a day that GoDaddy.com has recently acquired in a $28 Million dollar domain portfolio from Marchex.

I highlight 5 generic domain names a day from the 204,000 domain names that were acquired to help you find a domain name you may like, without doing the heavy work of looking though 204K names that have not all been priced yet…

Domain Name | Buy Now Price | Minimum Offer Price… Read the rest

Welcome to GoMarch where I highlight recently acquired generic domains by GoDaddy.com from Marchex and GoDaddy has started to Buy Now price the domain names. These domains were nearly impossible to acquire in the past and GoDaddy is putting forth an effort to change that.

I am highlighting 5 domain names a day from the domain portfolio acquisition in a series I am calling GoMarch! Missed past articles like this? Enjoy them all here.

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The bad thing about doing “series” articles is they get pretty repetitive so its hard writing the same thing over and over, but here is the gist of it.

GoDaddy.com spent $28 Million and acquired 204K domain names from Marchex / Archeo. GoDaddy is now Buy Now Pricing these domain names, which they were not before and they were pretty hard to acquire. There are many great generic domains, so I am highlighting 5 a day that have been priced … Read the rest

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