is at it again with another strong five figure domain name sale and this time it is as reported on the MWD Facebook page. The buyers are Smile Expressions according to whois records.



It has been a strong week for Michael with several 5 figure domain sales that included: $20,000 (sold in June actually to the start-up FullStory) $18,756 $10,000 (everclear was the buyer) $25,000 (sold in early July 2014)

Smile Expressions, the buyer, also owns the domain name (minus the N, aka AN) which it uses for its website.… Read the rest

Here are some of the latest company domain discoveries from DotWeekly that include recently registered and purchased domain names by some large companies.

Target Brands, Inc.

Target registered a bunch of “tiny” related domain names, like .net /.org and then reveresed it as .net/.org and several other typo’s and misspells of the
term. They also put a focus on “Mini” with .org,, and . was registered on 7/22/2009 with general Csc
Corporate Domains info in whois and appears to be by Target but whois didn’t reveal it was them until 11/24/2013.… Read the rest

Here is another round of company domain movers, or as I like to call them DotWeekly Domain Discoveries! Domain names recently registered or purchased by large companies. Today’s list is BIG, so lets get started right away.

TJX Companies a domain that I covered on June 25, 2014 when TJX hand registered the domain, has been launched as a website. I liked the hand registration but I stated it depended upon
“what” they used it for (I was thinking an app or alert service to new products), well I think they failed big time!… Read the rest is reporting another domain sale today and was reported sold on the MWD Facebook page for $20,000 AUS, which is about $18,756 USD when I converted it.

loveyourwork appears to have been purchased by IP Laywers from and it was likely for a client but could also be for the firm. The domain name was registered on September 13, 2001. is owned by Michael Berkens the founder of Worldwide Media Inc. and owns over 75,000 domain names.… Read the rest

I ran into a story about Sophia Amoruso yesterday and found it interesting, so doing what I do, I dug in a little bit to see what I could find. Here are some things that I found relating to the naming of the brand Nasty Girl and also a newly published book by Amoruso, #GirlBoss .

I started on eBay in ’06, I was 22 and living in San Francisco, working in the lobby of an art school, checking student IDs.

I called the store Nasty Gal Vintage after a lady named Betty Davis.

Read the rest

I’ve been busting my ass with these articles and this is simply a new record for me! DotWeekly Discoveries started as a series with articles like this about “once a week” and here I am turning out two articles in less than 12 hours! The digging for this article and posting it here took about 5  hours, to give you an idea of the time spent just for this.

Well, anyway, here is the latest company domain name movers from large companies around the web.… Read the rest