Yesterday and his other site posted two important articles related to a breach at . I wanted to write yesterday but I was pretty busy with other stuff, plus behind the scenes I was working with an effected domain owner on the phone and digging information on the potential domain thefts. This is very important, so you need to be aware!! If you have a account, you really need to pay attention and take some actions!… Read the rest

The following are domain names that have been purchased, registered or simply moving by large companies. The company domain movers series is listed under the category DotWeekly Discoveries here on DotWeekly if you wish to see more lists like this. Not a huge list today but several interesting domains like always.

Appears that it may have sold. The domain was owned by IBM and they had used the domain for some sort of servers they offer but the domain … Read the rest

I run into a lot of interesting domain data and I think I will start sharing some of the stuff I run into, so today I will start off with a pretty interesting one. Invalid Whois Data.

There are pretty substantial risks involved with having invalid whois data for your domain name, so much so that your domain can be deleted (released from the registry). Often times, domain names with invalid whois data can lead to a domain being … Read the rest

I often shake my head when large companies launch a new product and here is an example why! PepsiCo announced on October 1, 2014 that they are launching a new soda called Pepsi True and it’s exclusive to .


What I Don’t Get

They announce it, but it’s not “available”? A lot of people are reading about it because of the press releases but nobody can make an action and buy it when it’s fresh on the mind. After … Read the rest

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