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This is Domain Movers! We focus on company related domain name transactions and report these findings to you. These are early detection’s and often reflect domain name upgrades, new brands, new advertising and marketing efforts and more.

Here is a very small sample of domain name activity by my companies around the world.

Gelato AS has acquired FlipBooks.com from its past owners. The company offers book printing services. The domain has been registered since 2000.

Thomson Reuters Global Resources Unlimited Read the rest


Welcome to Domain Movers. We keep track of company domain name transactions and report these early findings to you. This information is often very early and gives insight into activity relating to new brands, future advertising and marketing efforts, domain upgrades and much more. The following is a very small sampling of daily activity.

MummyDog.com which I mentioned yesterday that was acquired but whois was generic, has updated to General Mills as the buyers.

Carrot.co which I also mentioned earlier … Read the rest


French company Societe Bic has acquired the premium, exact match domain name Bic.com!

Societe Bic has long used the domain name BicWorld.com, because Bic.com was owned by Brookhaven Instruments Corporation and used as the companies main domain name and email. Not any more.

Bic.com has now changed ownership to Societe Bic according to whois records:

Bic.com Whois Record

Societe Bic offers popular Bic branded lighters, pens and shaving razors to mention a few.

It is very likely that most people simply assumed the … Read the rest

Target Marketplace

Welcome to Domain Movers. We focus on company related domain name transactions and report these very early findings to you. These often indicate new brands, future advertising efforts, domain name upgrades and more.

Here are the movements detected over the weekend (mainly Saturday, which are happenings from Friday):

Verizon has acquired the domain name BeVisible.com, adding to the 7,600+ domain names they already own.

DigitalDivide.com has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain name was acquired … Read the rest