Kore Inc. has acquired the domain name GetStuffDone.com for $40,000 from domain master Michael Berkens, who is owner of MostWantedDomains.com / TheDomains.com as reported on the MWD Facebook page.


Kore.com has a message on its home page that states:

Meet the messaging platform that lets you communicate,
collaborate, and get stuff done with complete control.
Accomplish even more than you could before with Kore.

Kore appears to be new as they talk about getting early access to the site, but … Read the rest

GoMarch is an exclusive series being run on DotWeekly where I highlight generic domain names from the domain name portfolio GoDaddy recently acquired from Marchex. GoDaddy has started to buy now price the domain names and I’m picking them out and presenting you with interesting ones!

Here we go with the latest 5 highlighted generic domain names:

Domain Name | Buy Now Price | Minimum Offer Amount

Elden.com | $15,000 | $9,750 | Given / First name. Nice brandable! The … Read the rest

If you hadn’t heard yet, I did a defensive domain registration of CaitlynJenner.com on June 1, 2015 which I explained why I did it here. I am still in the process of getting a hold of somebody from the team to transfer the domains, but it’s in the works with several emails sent and tweets from me to them. For some reason it is pretty hard to find representatives and they have yet to reply to any of my contacts.… Read the rest

In a series that I am winding down now a bit (not daily anymore) that I call GoMarch, I highlight 5 domain names a day from the past Marchex domain name portfolio that GoDaddy.com acquired for $28 million. The domains were pretty hard to acquire when Marchex owned them but now GoDaddy is Buy Now pricing them.

To view all past articles like this, simply click this and you will see the category listing all the past articles.

Here we … Read the rest

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