Group III International, who also runs the website, has acquired the premium generic domain name from Vertical Axis.

According to a job listing: “Group III International, has been a leader for over 30 years in luggage, backpacks & travel accessories. We are the official licensee of Wenger, Swiss Gear & BMW, as well as having two in house Brands French West Indies & Navigator. Our expertise in multi-category product licensing and manufacturing with a strong focus on backpacks … Read the rest

On June 1, 2015 at 8:23 am Central Time I registered the domain names and in a defensive registration as I explained why I registered the domain names here.

At about 12:00 noon Central Time, the Twitter account @Caitlyn_Jenner went live and news spread of the former Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner.

Around 5 am Central Time that morning I ran into some public information that lead me to believe that there was potential that something was … Read the rest

From time to time I run into domain names that I am surprised are not owned by the “big brand” but it does happen. Here are a few that I ran into recently or simply were aware of that inspired this article and I’m sure there are plenty more, so feel free to share them in the comment section below. The fact is, just because we may be aware of a big brand name, doesn’t always mean the own the … Read the rest

Microsoft Corporation has filed yet again, more “Holo” trademarks and in this latest round includes the terms HoloNotes and HoloShot.

The HoloLens trademark and purchase of the domain name for $6,750 kicked off the holo storm of trademark filings but has really not kicked off the matching domain name buying. With trademarks filed now for:

  • HoloLens
  • HoloStudio
  • HoloTour
  • HoloPet
  • HoloNotes
  • HoloShot

Microsoft only has acquired the domain and the remaining matching .com domain names have not been … Read the rest

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