This is Domain Movers, a unique series where hours of research is put in daily to detect domain transactions, most by companies around the world for efforts in branding, marketing, advertising and domain name upgrades.

We highlight these transactions as most would go unreported otherwise but we feel it is very important to help other businesses understand the great value in domain names to your business. You always find similar articles to these, in the Domain Discoveries category here on … Read the rest

Flont, Inc. has acquired its exact match .com domain name,, upgrading from

The “Jewelry as a Service” offers fine jewelry rental and try and buy via a membership service. Flont, Inc. was founded in October 2016 and launched to the public in May 2017 on the domain name

It appears the .com domain name was acquired using to complete the transaction around September 2017 from its past owner PNP Research Labs Pvt. Ltd. for an … Read the rest Membership

Liberty Procurement Co. Inc., a subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond has acquired the premium generic domain name!

Based on whois history records, the transaction appears to have taken place around January 1, 2018 but that is when the company appears in whois records. Prior the domain name was under whois privacy, so there is potential they may have acquired the domain earlier in 2017, potentially as early as March 2017. The prior career service that was … Read the rest has been sold according to whois records and is now displaying domain name brokerage firm

I contacted George Hong, CEO & Founder of, who was able to confirm that Guta brokered the domain name sale but the details of the deal have to remain confidential. was owned and used by CentralNic for many  years and offered sub-domain names on the domain name. Some of which are still indexed today: Indexed Pages

CentralNic announced in May 2016 that it … Read the rest