A couple days ago I had noticed that Microsoft Corp had acquired the domain name FED.tv as a “Premium .tv” domain from the registry. Many .tv domain names are held by the registry and require a one-time premium payment for the domain name and FED.tv was one of them. After the premium payment, normal renewal fees apply to the domain.

So how much did Microsoft pay for the premium .tv domain from the registry?

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Welcome to the latest round of company domain movers by large companies! This list is full of domain names registered, purchased and more by large companies. I call this series DotWeekly Discoveries and it’s powered by DomainIQ.com!

These domain names are often hint or clues to many upcoming things from the companies behind them, so they may not mean much right now but likely will in the very near future! Products, services, ad campaigns, businesses and much more! Take … Read the rest

Ever wondered who the top 5 clients are at corporate domain name provider MarkMonitor.com are? Well, using some tools provided by our friends over at DomainIQ.com you can see that data in a comprehensive report!

Here are the top 5 clients by volume at MarkMonitor.com based on email search*

  1. Deckers.com, the owners of the UGG brand. I see large amounts of domain names transfer in daily via legal means of spoof sites and much more, so this likely helps with
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I have been pushing hard with DotWeekly since I started writing again to make it all work but I have questioned if I should continue since I started back up. Websites are not free to run, they take a large portion of your time to do it right and there are costs in general to help me do what I do.

DotWeekly is not making money, it’s costing me money. You have to spend money to make money and that … Read the rest