Here is the last Domain Movers I will be doing on DotWeekly! It’s simply an amazing series (I think) but reality is heavily setting in for me! I have been making $1 per hour for my work. It often takes me about 3-6 hours to dig information for these articles every day! It simply takes a lot of time and resources to get the data, provide it etc and I have tried to trim time but I can’t! I also … Read the rest

This morning I had noticed that CSC Corporate Domains has listed 51, 1 word English dictionary .us domain names for sale, all on The domains that I checked, all have a buy it now price! Domains like has a $500 BIN price tag for an example. has a $1,000 BIN. (which is a Great hack IMO) $500 BIN.

If you buy any, please use the links provided. Yes, they are affiliate links that will earn me … Read the rest

Assuming something sometimes makes you an ass! Well, that happens to me almost everyday and there is something that I constantly do when looking at a whois searches. That little “screenshot” of what a website looks like on the right side of the screen, it is deceiving based on the “Last Checked” date.

Every time I see that, I assume the screenshot shown is FROM the “Last Checked Date”, but it is NOT! Even though a last checked date … Read the rest

Welcome DotWeekly lovers to another exclusive series of domain movers where I scour the web to find domain names moving by large companies who are purchasing domains, selling them, moving them for one reason or another and more! These are early insights as always and these movements may not have been reported otherwise! Some powerful domains in today’s list!

It’s A Domain Fact! is the only and are the only single letter domain names registered at Network Solutions. … Read the rest

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