Welcome to another installment in the Domain Movers series, where DotWeekly focuses on corporate domain name transactions and reports recent activity that we discover.

Here are the latest movements:

Microsoft Corporation registered several new AI domain names, which included: AiForEarth.com/net/org and MicrosoftAiForEarth.com/net/org

Loot Crate Inc. registered a bunch of domain names, some of its first domains actually! They are a monthly subscription box service offering geek/gaming goods founded in 2012.

They registered several typos and a bunch of … Read the rest

Prudential Financial Inc. acquires premium generic domain name Retirement.com from Telepathy Inc.

DotWeekly broke the news that Retirement.com had sold back in January 2016 but the corporate buyer was unknown until now.

Prudential Financial

Whois information is still generic at corporate domain name provider MarkMonitor but name servers have updated to Prudential.

Retirement.com Whois Records

The website does not resolve currently but I would expect that to change shortly with the name servers changing.

So why would Prudential want to own this generic domain name? … Read the rest

Many websites use sub-domain names to organize or help direct people to specific spots on a website but do these sub-domains and how individuals promote them, result in visitors visiting the .com domain name instead of the actual sub-domain promoted?


I always shake my head when I see a company promote a sub-domain in advertising, because I know it causes confusion. Most of the time, it results in the user forgetting the . and creating an entirely different domain … Read the rest

Some pretty big domains in today’s Domain Movers series, which keeps track of corporate domain name transactions. These discoveries are often very fresh and reveal new branding, future marketing campaigns, new products, services and more by companies around the world.

Symantec Corporation has registered several domain names hinting at a new product called “Core” with the Norton brand name and potentially is a router. The domain names registered are: CoreNorton.com, CoreByNorton.com, GetNortonCore.com, MyNortonCore.com, NortonRouters.com and NortonWifi.com

BeautyIQ.com has been acquired … Read the rest

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