Here is another and likely my last round of DotWeekly Domain Discoveries! These articles take a lot of time to write, dig the data etc. and the numbers are not adding up! These types of articles are hit and miss traffic wise for DotWeekly… I know people like reading them (from what people have told me) but they do not appear to me, to be getting the traffic they need to continue.

I like providing the info, but if it … Read the rest

Here is something that confuses me a little but doesn’t totally surprise me !

Companies big and small file for trademarks on a verity of terms daily in different categories. In general, it seems that nearly every generic term is trademarked and this clearly leads to many legal fights for a vast amount of reasons and often times includes domain names.

I know that people pay close attention to newly registered trademarks (free trademark search), because this can … Read the rest

Twitter has registered several “Buy Now” related domain names in what appears to be a move towards in tweet shopping!

Some of the newly registered domain names from Twitter that I could find, include:

Several reports started popping up yesterday that people were seeing “Buy Now” buttons in some tweets via mobile as reported by several sites like and more.


With the newly registered domains by Twitter and seeing several Buy Now buttons … Read the rest

Welcome to another round of DotWeekly Domain Discoveries of domain names on the move, purchased and newly registered by large companies. Today has a large mix of different movers by several different companies. Here we go with the latest:


Hand registered several “Snap” related domain names like:, and . Likely a new service offered by Groupon.

Appears to have purchased the domain name from HugeDomains. The domain was listed for $1,595. They also did … Read the rest