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Physics: for every action, there is always opposed an equal reaction!

I am normally “the nice guy” but I am starting to think that being a dick from time to time is going to be needed. I can be a dick and … Read the rest

In today’s DotWeekly Discoveries, I only included newly registered domain names. I sometimes save these up for slow days, like today when not a lot of transfers are taking place because it’s a weekend. So here are some recently registered domain names by some large companies and some info related to the registration if I could find it.


Hand registered the domain name DropboxNameGame.com . I tried visiting the domain name, in which it told me that it was … Read the rest

The domain name Motors.com has very likely sold at Sedo.com .

Domain broker Dave Evanson had posted on Twitter on May 30, 2014 that the domain Motors.com was exclusively listed for sale at Sedo


Today, I had discovered that the domain is pending transfer via Sedo.


I have reached out to Dave to see if he is able to share the sales price of the domain but have not heard back at time of posting. It is clearly too early … Read the rest

Here is my latest digging into recently registered domain names and purchased domain name and simply domains on the move by some large companies. If you wish to see more articles like this that I have wrote, simply visit the category Domain Discoveries.

Suncor Energy Inc.

Registered several domain names with similar relations like: SeeWhatYesIsDoing.com, WhatYesIsReallyDoing.com, WhatYesIsDoing.com . Each of those, they registered the .net, .org, .biz etc.
WhatYesCanDo.net .org etc. but they may have purchased WhatYesCanDo.comRead the rest