Paypal is in the process of rebranding its Bill Me Later® brand to Paypal Credit®. Makes sense to me, I like the Paypal Credit name because it sounds nice and it ties the service directly to the Paypal brand.

Paypal / eBay = HUGE company. Tech Company. Tons of employees. Smart people. They know what cName and A  records are, most do not.


This brings up the valid question, did anybody from Paypal, its tech team etc. try to visit: … Read the rest

Here is another round of company domain name movers with domain names purchase, registered or simply moving by some of the largest companies on the web.


Has had the help from MarkMonitor and grabbed the domain name on the drop.

Farmers Group, Inc

Is moving some domain names from MarkMonitor to CSC Corporate Domains. is one of the movers,, and several HelpPointClaim domains. All the domains had a Zurich connection and no longer do … Read the rest

Here are some more company domain movers from large companies that have either registered, purchased or simply are moving domain names for one reason or another. I have taken several days off from blogging as I’m not sure if I am going to continue to blog or not. I love doing it, but I just haven’t had much luck making the effort turn into some income and be worth it. I have had the following info for a couple days … Read the rest

DotWeekly does a lot of deep digging and discovers a lot of different stuff related to domain names, so I thought I would share a recent tracking. Sometimes it leads to something really interesting, sometimes not so much. Here is a general, but real life example of how some of the domain tracing diggings take place and how its started.


There is always something that triggers me to LOOK into a specific domain. Today, I happened to notice the … Read the rest