According to whois records, it would appear that the domain name  has very likely been sold! The likely domain sale hits close to home for me, not because I owned the domain or was the buyer, it’s because I have the disease! It’s a horrible disease that is life altering and I deal with it constantly! Crohn’s and Colitis are very similar.

A little bit about the likely domain sale of was owned by Reflex Publishing Inc., … Read the rest has finally been secured by American Family Insurance, a Wisconsin based insurance provider! The domain name has long been owned by Synapse Group, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Time Inc. Synapse had a magazine subscription on the site, as well as other stuff over the years.

I have been an American Family Insurance customer ever since I started driving and for as long as I can remember, they have used the domain name (registered in 1994) … Read the rest

Based on whois data, the former Siemens Enterprise Communications which was rebranded to Unify in late 2013 has purchased the domain name .

A little recent history: was long owned by NetTuner Corp until what appears to be a sale of the domain that took place about December 20, 2012 and maybe financed through Domain Capital or DC assisted in the purchase in some way because they appear in whois. Domain Capital remained as the registrant from only … Read the rest

Here are a couple domain names that I had noticed yesterday while digging around that likely wouldn’t be reported sold other wise. was purchased (likely by a company) from Adam Smadja and purchased on behalf of a SafeNames LTD client. Adam was a bit surprised that I even knew the domain name sold when I contacted him to see if he could share any details on the sale. For whatever reason, many sellers are really shy on sharing any … Read the rest