Quirky Inc which launched the Wink App in partnership with GE has acquired the EMD Wink.com 

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Wink.com was previously owned by MyLife.com Inc which had used the domain in the past. MyLife is linked with Reunion.com and Classmates.com

Wink is getting ready to release RELAY around Thanksgiving 2014, so maybe they felt it was time to acquire the exact match domain Wink.com, which in itself helps to give a company instant credibility with owning the premium domain! Wink resides on … Read the rest

This morning I mentioned that Google may be naming a new watch Tacto… but Fusion, Altos and Pillar may also be in the mix… BUT during some more digging, I discovered that Google now owns the premium, category killer domain name SmartWatch.com and SmartWatch.net which they have just revealed via whois.

Google appears to have acquired the domain SmartWatch.com with-in the purchase of WIMM Labs or used the WIMM Labs name to acquire the domain on or about Late … Read the rest

Google appears to be getting ready to launch a new watch with the name “Tacto” which means “Touch” in Spanish. Google had acquired WIMM Labs back in 2012 and they had owned the domain name TactoWatch.com at that time but Google gained control over the domain when it purchased WIMM Labs. Google has also revealed they own the category killer domain name SmartWatch.com and SmartWatch.net also moving yesterday which I covered here as well.

As of yesterday, October 15, 2014, … Read the rest

It started with Moniker, TheDomains.com is reporting some domains stolen via Network Solutions (Slash.com and County.com) and now this morning Register.com (owned by Network Solutions) sent out an email about a cyber attack:

We have recently identified malicious activity affecting a limited number of customers. Your account has been identified as possibly vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks, due to a weak password. As your provider, Register.com is committed to maintaining the highest possible security for your services. In order to proactively

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