Welcome, this is Domain Movers! We highlight company related domain name transactions. These are often very early detection’s and not always do we even know who the buyers are but we try to provide as much information as we can with the movements detected.

Here are the latest:


Microsoft has sold the domain name potentially at Sedo. I wasn’t able to find a sale price but I was aware that Microsoft has many domain names listed for sale … Read the rest

In today’s Domain Movers that focuses on company related domain name transactions, we see a premium generic domain name that was in use, move into escrow. Some brand sales which resulted in domain movements, some new domain registrations + more.

Amazon Technologies, Inc registered a bunch of Solimo related domain names.,,, blog, cdn, clothes and more. was acquired by MarkMonitor dating back to January 20, 2016 and has held generic whois data since. Amazon is … Read the rest

Netflix Super Monsters

Domain Movers keeps track of company focused domain name transactions. A lot of domain names are being acquired by companies around the world every day to help secure brands, launch new products, new advertising campaigns and much more.

Here is a tiny sample of some of those movements:

Omnii Inc. has acquired for an undisclosed amount from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio, with the transaction taking place via Afternic escrow as all NameFind sales do. has been acquired from … Read the rest

Intuit Turbo

The premium generic domain name has been acquired by Intuit Inc. from Discovery Communications, LLC according to whois records.

The domain name has been registered since May 31, 1997 and was doing a redirect to (still is at time of writing). Whois records changed from Discovery to Intuit at brand protection domain registrar MarkMonitor Inc. Whois Intuit

The domain name was likely acquired for a new financial app recently launched by Intuit, called Turbo. They are currently using the … Read the rest