Here is part 2 of a “live” domain metrics study I am doing in an effort to find metrics that will help “find good domains” or if there really is one! Here is part 1 if you missed it. Part 1 I looked at $10 1 bid domains at GoDaddy to see if I could find a rhyme or reason behind the backorders.

Today, I am looking at a smaller amount of recently reported domain name sales that took place at in the weekly report of domain sales that they release.… Read the rest

It was reported by several sites like and that the website and domain name sold for $250,000 on Flippa in early 2010.

A short 4 years later(not in tech life, but you get my point) and the domain name has expired and is currently (6/17/2014) on expired domain name auction at GoDaddy Auctions!


At time of posting this article, the current bidding is up to $8,600 and this will greatly increase tomorrow (June 18, 2014) when the auction ends.… Read the rest

The GoDaddy Domain Discount Club is worth the investment! If you purchase domain names in GoDaddy Auctions, have at least 20 domains, you are lazy… then I really think it’s worth it!

I am extremely cheap, sometimes lazy and I love a deal when I can find it and the discount club is a deal. This is why I think it’s worth to purchase and why I purchased it.

Using a 35% discount code, you get your membership for around $55 ($90.60 without coupon)!… Read the rest just changed to a new site design and this often leads to having a hard time finding what you are looking for! Well, domain name registrars rarely ever want to see you leave, so they can make the transfer out process hard and Monikers new design does just this.

So how do you transfer a domain name OUT of to another domain registrar?

After logging into your account, on the far left side of the screen, look for Domains and then My Domains.… Read the rest

As many of you know, I like to dig into stuff! I like to look at things from a lot of different angles. Sometimes this leads to discoveries that are uncommon and another approach to look for thing. When the topic is Domain Names, there are many metrics to consider, but is there a “set” that would help me find “the good ones”?

Well, as the title states, this is part 1 of a small series of studies and I am going to “write as I discover” and see what we find out!… Read the rest

Sometimes we learn things from facts and looking at things from a different perspective… so here are some quick facts using data I gathered on GoDaddy Auctions with some tools that I use!

These facts are estimates, as data changes constantly! These are facts, because at the time I downloaded the data, these were the numbers.

Backorder Bids (1 Bid, $10 current bid expired domains)

7 one word domains have bids

745 two word domains have bids

837 three word domains have bids

71 two word domains w/ hyphen have bids

45 three word domains w/ hyphen have bids

267 “popular” domains have bids (popular = 2 letter/character, 3 letter/character, 4 letter/number)

5,386 total (2,778 .com, 285 .net, 265 .org )

Domains in auction (5 yrs or older, English dictionary)

34,647 total

151 one word domains (6 .com, mainly .us domains)

6,055 two word domains (3,838 .com)

6,681 three word domains (5,119)

495 “popular” (251)

Domains in auction with bids (nearly all are expired domain auctions)

5,386 total (4,110 .com, 360 .net, 411 .org)

7 one word domains

745 two word domains

837 three word domains

71 two word domains with a hyphen

45 three word domains with a hyphen

267 “popular” domains

3,417 “other” domains


38,396 domain names “ended” at auction on 6/7/2014 (this is mainly expired domain auctions, with a few member listed auctions)

35,431 domain names with end today at auction 6/8/2014 (this is mainly expired domain auctions, with a few member listed auctions)

43,051 domains will end on 6/9/2014 (this is mainly expired domain auctions, with a few member listed auctions)

On average, I would estimate 40,000+ domain name auctions end daily, with the vast majority of those being expired domain auctions.… Read the rest