Welcome to the latest round of domain name movers detected by DotWeekly from large companies around the web. Some domain names have been purchased, registered or just moving for one reason or another. As always, these can be early indicators for new products, brands, services and much more.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited registered several different “video” type domain names which included RuruVideo.com | .net, RuruVideo.com | .net and RumyVideo.com | .net | .org

Pearson plc registered the domain names EveryChildLearning.comRead the rest

Welcome to an early insiders look at some recent domain name movers detected by DotWeekly.com, with most domains included in the list being registered or acquired by large companies!

These domains often lead to new products, services, brands and more…. here we go!

It’s A Domain Fact! One 3 letter .com domain name was removed (dropped) from the registry in 2014, that was ZFN.com which was grabbed by DropCatch.com and sold for $7,850.

CreditSavvy.com has been acquired by AHL Investments … Read the rest

Apple Inc. isn’t a huge domain name buyer for the size of company they are. They rarely register domains matching products and services announced in the fashion that companies like Amazon does. They do register some and also acquired already owned domains like iPhone.com and iCloud.com for an example and most of the time when they do acquire domains, it’s for something BIG.

Well, Apple has acquired the domain name ResearchKit.com from its past owner Synergy Technologies LLC for a … Read the rest

It isn’t often you run across 2 letter .com domain names for sale, mainly because there is only 676 of them, but especially when they are owned by large corporations like Chrysler Group LLC.

Chrysler has used the domain name CF.com for Chrysler Financial in the past and appear to have acquired the domain when it was listed for sale in 2006 by Consolidated Freightways for an undisclosed amount. The transaction took place on 12/22/2006 when DaimlerChrysler Corporation appears … Read the rest

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