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The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. which had owned the premium 3 letter domain name, has sold it according to whois records. I expect this to be a substantial domain name sale, well into the six figure range, if not higher.

The domain name has transferred out of corporate domain name registrar MarkMonitor and transferred to GoDaddy. Whois is not clear as to who the buyer is, but doing a little research, Lior Zen appears to be connected in some fashion due to the email used in whois. A couple more domains point to GG Coin with 2 domains showing and that I can see, that were registered in January 2018.

To note, the .one domain registrations show a Also to note, the .one domain registrations show the country as BE, which I would assume is Belgium.

Nasdaq acquired around December 29, 2014 from a Hex Plc. according to whois records, which was a merger that created OMX AB after OM AB and Hex Plc merged. has been registered since October 1997.

I did reach out to the buyer, but it’s pretty rare that any information is provided. It’s very rare that a public company will provide comment, so I didn’t waste my time contacting Nasdaq.

Based on what I can tell, the buyer is from Myanmar as the Country in whois is MM on Hex, but the .one domain registrations differ.

Although a fantastic domain name and memorable brand name, the English meaning is “Cast A Spell on” or “A Magic Spell; A Curse”

I still really like the domain name for its short and memorable name. Many companies currently brand as “Hex” but only one can own the premium domain name and truly “own the brand”.

At some point, we will learn more about the change of ownership, in a SEC filing, when launches etc.

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  1. good info, thanks.

  2. Great domain and more importantly super hard work done from your end as always which is much appreciated.
    Thank you Jamie! 🙂

  3. was owned by the Helsinki Stock Exchange (HEX Oyj also owned, known as HEX, during early 2000s.
    During 1997 and 1998 the Stock Exchange bought both of the Finnish derivative exchanges and merged them with itself to become HEX. In November 1998 HEX merged with Arvopaperikeskus to form Helsinki Exchanges Group Plc, which then changed its name to HEX Plc in the spring of 2001. In 2001 and 2002 HEX acquired a majority share of the Tallinn Stock Exchange and the Riga Stock Exchange.
    On 3 September 2003, HEX Plc merged with OM AB, owner of the Stockholm Stock Exchange, to become OM HEX. A year later, the company was renamed to OMX.

    • Thanks for the history lesson Andrea and all the info. I didn’t search back that far, so thanks for providing the info!


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