In today’s company focused Domain Movers series, we continue to see companies buying domain name assets for domain name upgrades, brands, new products and services and much more!

Here is a small sampling of some recent company focused domain name transactions:

Pinewood Technologies PLC has acquired at domain name aftermarket service for $82,500 USD. The UK based business helps car dealerships be more profitable with a dealer management system. The company uses as its main website, one that didn’t load for me when I simply typed in but did load with

Adnow LLP of the UK has acquired from BuyDomains for $1,288. has been acquired by corporate domain buying service Marksmen from Axton Enterprises, LLC. The company offered mail order management services. The buyers are currently unknown. A deal like this always holds potential to be a big sale and often goes unreported. I’d assume the purchase relates to a domain name upgrade, for a company like or a new brand for a company. I wish I could provide more info on this one but its just not available currently. and both have cleared escrow from I mentioned the sale in January 2017 here on DotWeekly. Considering the domain sold for $800K in 2005, it’s hard to say what it sold for this time! I didn’t mention prior but the domain was acquired by Vida Health, which is a data driven health coaching offering. The company currently has about $24 million in funding, $18M of that in a Series B in December 2016. The domain appeared to move into escrow around July 2016, around when Vida Health publicly launched (as far as I can see, as I didn’t see another domain for them, so they likely launched with Payments has been becoming a nice option for companies and domain owners and this one was very likely a payments over the past 2 years.

Computer History Museum has taken ownership of from Qualcomm Inc. The domain name redirect to Mozilla and it’s Thunderbird email offering, which it has for at least the past several years. has transferred out of GoDaddy, which was under whois privacy, over to MarkMonitor using generic whois data. The domain name is redirecting to, which is a dating site and has been for several years. remains at GoDaddy currently, so it is not clear why the domain transferred out. has officially changed ownership in whois records from, Inc. to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Walmart acquired and the business behind it for $3.3 billion in August 2016.

Novartis AG simply allowed to expire. The domain name was grabbed on the drop by and the expired domain auction ended for $1,105. has changed ownership from Scott’s to Garden Care Bidco. The domain redirect to Garden Care Bidco Limited was founded in April 2017 and is based in the UK. I’d guess that the new company and Scott’s are connected in some fashion.

DreamWorks Animation L.L.C. has registered adding to the 4,000+ other domains owned by the company.

Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam ( have acquired from The purchase price is not clear but the domain did hold a $2,595 buy now, but that was in 2014.

Potpourri Group, Inc. has done a domain name upgrade and acquired its exact match .com domain name, which has been registered since 1995 and was acquired for $22,500 at Sedo. Potpourri is a direct to consumer merchant and currently uses as its main domain name.

Candid Group B.V. acquired from GoDaddy via it’s NameFind investment domain name portfolio that has $100+ million invested into it (likely closer to $200+ million by now after several more portfolio purchases). It produced about 24 sales in the day. has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client from its past owner. The buyer potentially could be Google, as they recently launched an app called Datally.

Elbgoods GmbH has acquired from its past owners via domain name aftermarket service Afternic for an undisclosed amount.

At Your Door LLC has acquired to help people find strip clubs and offering packages, deals and more. The domain moved into escrow at Afternic on October 19, 2017 and has just come out of escrow showing the buyers.

Phonehub IO Ltd. has acquired via Afternic from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio. The company also offers

Thomson Reuters Global Resources Unlimited Company allowed to drop (expire), which was grabbed by and is currently on public auction. Thomson Reuters had owned brand protection service MarkMonitor, where the domain was registered but they sold the company in 2016. was registered since 1997 prior

Moovit App Global LTD. has acquired its exact match .com domain name, assisted Moovit as the buyer broker to acquire the domain name from its past owner. The domain has been registered since April 2005. This is a domain name upgrade for the transit data service as they are currently using but simply brand as Moovit. Branding as one thing and having your identity another, is not a very good idea or a wise branding move.

Moovit was founded in 2012 and has about $81.5 million in current funding according to Crunchbase.

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  1. Fantastic report Jamie, as usual – thanks for all your research.

  2. I like to moovit, moovit…

  3. Thanks Jamie
    How this companies let their names expire and not get email shows they are not organized for instance .

  4. Don’t F with Novartis that lawyer loves UDRP’s, and simply bills them, last I saw he filed one on a domain with a $199 BIN on it, and numerous others. I agree legit drop, but we all know tactics used to get names back sometimes.


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