Early this morning I discovered that Microsoft is likely getting ready to launch a software product called Sway and it’s likely coming soon. Microsoft Sway! Content Delivery Network?

Microsoft has used the domain buying service Brand Certified and has acquired the domain name Sway.com . No purchase price has been disclosed but it was likely six figures for the domain.  The domain purchase likely took place on or about March 3, 2014 and has been hid behind the Brand Certified name since acquiring the domain name on behalf of Microsoft.

As of late yesterday, Microsoft was revealed in whois data as shown below that they own Sway.com:


On June 10, 2014 Microsoft filed a trademark for Sway for:

Computer Software, Computer Application Software

Online Computer Software, Software As A Service

I think Microsoft is getting ready to launch the software pretty soon, or it isn’t likely that they would have revealed they were behind the purchase of the domain name yet. They have also set domain name servers. Sway.com currently resolves to Bing and a search for Sway… they do this with just about every domain they register / acquire.

Once they actually launch “Sway”, they will likely do a redirect with Sway.com to sway.microsoft.com like they do with most of the major brands they launch but they do have Office.com on a stand alone site, so depending on how “big” Microsoft Sway is, will depend on what they do with it.

Domains also recently registered for Microsoft include: Sway-CDN.com and Sway-CDN.net and Sway-INT.com and Sway-INT.net . These are pretty generic but could point to a Content Delivery Network?

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