Microsoft Files HoloNotes and HoloShot Trademarks

Microsoft Corporation has filed yet again, more “Holo” trademarks and in this latest round includes the terms HoloNotes and HoloShot.

The HoloLens trademark and purchase of the domain name for $6,750 kicked off the holo storm of trademark filings but has really not kicked off the matching domain name buying. With trademarks filed now for:

  • HoloLens
  • HoloStudio
  • HoloTour
  • HoloPet
  • HoloNotes
  • HoloShot

Microsoft only has acquired the domain and the remaining matching .com domain names have not been acquired. I can confirm that Microsoft has attempted to buy at least and There have been offers made on but the interested party wasn’t confirmed to be Microsoft.


Is Microsoft going to buy the matching .com’s of the recent trademark filings? They might, but right now, it appears the chances of them doing so are getting less! If they are priced right, I wouldn’t see Microsoft passing them, but everybody thinks they hold the million dollar lotto ticket and forgets that even the largest of companies have a budget.

For one, Microsoft hasn’t built a stand alone site on and are just using the domain name as a redirect to . They don’t even use on its official HoloLens Twitter account. IMO, that is not good for those looking to sell matching domain names that they have invested in the Holo domain space many, many years ago. Again, if the price is right for Microsoft, they are likely to acquire them but not likely to pay a huge premium for the domains. That may be a different story if they went really generic and acquired!

So the latest news is HoloNotes and HoloShot trademark filings from Microsoft. They do not own either domain and HoloShot was registered in 2013, with HoloNotes being registered in 2011.

Not the only trademark filed

To go along with the HoloNotes and HoloShot trademark filings, Microsoft also filed a trademark on ActionGram. They also do not own this domain name, at least for now. This trademark is listed as the same Goods and Services of:

Computer software; operating system software; virtual reality software; computer software, namely, software for setting up, operating, configuring, and controlling wearable hardware and wearable computer peripherals

So add ActionGram to the watch list as well!

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  1. Would be a bad move on their part to not pick up the domains, or the owners still can monetize a good business on them going forward so looks like a win either way for the domain holders of holo or actiongrams.

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