I was reading an interesting article that I ran into on Digg this evening and the story included two domain name stories in it.

If your not sure who Matt Rutledge is, don’t worry, I didn’t either until I read the story! He started the site Woot.com . Well, I didn’t know Amazon purchased Woot but they did, Matt worked for Amazon for a couple years and ditched. Here is the full dMagazine.com article, it’s worth the read after your done here 🙂

Guess what, he’s starting Woot 2? Basically.

Back up!

I said two domain stories in one…… First off, Matt purchased the domain name Woot.com for $6,000 in 2003, according to the article. I am pretty sure this wasn’t shared before. So that is domain reveal number 1 and well, wait.. you likely read the title already… shit!

Anyway, Matt recently purchased the domain MEH.com for $100K from “Larry The Domain Guy” also according to the article.. Based on general whois (I do not have DomainTools whois history any longer) I would guess the transaction took place sometime around July 2013 as that was the last update to the domains whois records.

Meh.com is not launched yet, but in helping to do so, they have launched a kickstarter campaign (which ends 6/28/2014) to help fund the new site…. hello, didn’t you just spend $100K on the domain and your asking for $10K to help build the site? At the time of me writing this, with about 9 hours left in the campaign, 1,371 backers have pledged $14,609!


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