is reporting another domain sale today and was reported sold on the MWD Facebook page for $20,000 AUS, which is about $18,756 USD when I converted it.

loveyourwork appears to have been purchased by IP Laywers from and it was likely for a client but could also be for the firm. The domain name was registered on September 13, 2001. is owned by Michael Berkens the founder of Worldwide Media Inc. and owns over 75,000 domain names. Michael also owns a super popular blog related to the domain name industry at .

Breaking… it appears MWD has also sold to Monetology, who had also purchased as reported by I will see if Michael will share the purchase price or not. He didn’t come right out and say it, but I noticed it. It appears to have sold around 7/9/2014. Update: Michael stated the domain sold for $20,000

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5 Responses to Domain Sells For $18,756 By MWD
  1. The MWD FaceBook page link opens back up on this article

  2. Another great sale by Berkens!

  3. Nice sale. I own


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